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    You like him, but you know he's a player...


     LuvBugg452 says:
    012-01-2003 05:21
    I like this guy, and I know he's a player, and he lies to me. I try not to like him but I do, do you know any songs about liking a player? please help! =] I'd appreciate it.. thank you!

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     CaSSiDy_RoX says:
    012-01-2003 05:25
    hey there's this song by Ma$e...lol I used to listen to it in like grade 4 haha i think it's called player hater or something like that??? i dont remember if it will be a good one for your situation.. but i tried to help anyways

     LuvBugg452 says:
    012-01-2003 05:41
    thanks, if its called the player way, thats about being a player.. im not the player! haha, he is.. anyways, thank you though.. heh.. yea you tried =] thanks again

     XxX says:
    012-01-2003 15:56
    Player gon play..Destiny's Child, I think
    Stop Frontin' on me...Dont know who sings it though...

     QUPNCY says:
    013-01-2003 10:41
    3lw - Playas Gon' Play
    There is also a remix featuring jay-z.

    3lw's first single "no more" may also fit too.
    there is a remix of that featuring nas its titles " i cant take this no more"

    hope this helps and good luck because my x was a player bad and i loved him more then anything.. we were together 4 months and he cheated on me 3 times :/

     ghettogirl says:
    015-01-2003 21:46
    crazytown have a song thats kinda got a hiphop vibe to it with a girl singin on it called "playa's onli love u when they playin"

     BlondePoet says:
    017-05-2004 12:44
    Wish I could help you out but I'm in the same sitch! The only difference is that he says I'm different from other girls and he actually cares about me. Who knows, maybe that's just another line!
     guest says:
    pop out

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