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    Expired Invitation for a Chat Conversation--Who Asked?

    PracticePractic17-04-2016 08:25
    I was wondering Ray...

    I've received a few of these while here at LetsSingIt.....

    “ 1 expired invitation for a chat conversation because you didn't respond in time ”

    The original invitation shows "who" is inviting me to the chat conversation.....

    (I lack the exact quote of course!) But it goes like this: __member___ ___name____ (in yellow) has invited you for a chat [accept] [decline][trash].

    But when the invitation expires, then I don't know who invited me...to maybe see if they try again? Or maybe I try this time to invite them to a chat when I see them online next time?

    The only way I can find out "who" invited me is to post it as a question in the general "Randomness" thread and hope someone who invited me reads it...

    Or maybe create a new thread (I hope my creating this new Support thread actually serves as a dual purpose to let them know I missed their chat time)..

    But neither way is truly effective, especially if the person has signed out and maybe they don't sign on again for hours when Randomness thread has many more postings and "active" threads have pushed my "So Who Invited Me For A Chat?" thread down to the bottom of that page or the next one!

    I also decided to post here to ask others if they are bothered by this at all... Maybe it never happens to others so its not worth changing anything just because I'm away from keyboard (or even on another website screen or typing) too often to see such a message posted in time......

    How long does the "invitation to a chat" stay active? Does it say so? Could that active time be lengthened a bit as well?

    So, if its not overly complicated, is it possible to keep under the "Notifications" with the "expired" chat session and when it was expired (i.e. this one was 1 hr 40 minutes ago as I type this sentence).... Can I know "who" it was who made that chat request so I can see if they are still "online" and maybe request back to them before they sign out?

    Thanks Ray for reading an overly long explanation for something I'm sure someone else could have posted in 4 words or less!
    MCSMeister17-04-2016 11:46
    I agree that this should be fixed. I've gotten a few of these myself, and it's not very helpful just for it to say you got an invitation to chat when you don't know who invited you in the first place.
    Joeyy17-04-2016 17:29
    Good thinking, Practice.
    roxcyn17-04-2016 21:57
    Good idea PP! It was me who waned to chat.
    Captain_Keeta17-04-2016 22:04
    That's not surprising at all.
    roxcyn18-04-2016 00:58
    Oh, Jeff.
    PracticePractic11 days ago
    Yesterday... 7 January 2017, I received two invitations to a chat...and missed both....

    As I noted before back in April when I wrote this topic---- I still don't know who asks for chats---none of us know as when they expire there is no information as to whom requested the chat!

    So I'm going to (right now, right away) set up a new topic for anyone to use to write down "who wanted to chat with me?" And hopefully we can all remember this and access it..

    I used the words to title my new topic, from the message in the notification "Expired invitation for a chat conversation" since that would be what someone would search LIS for information about, I hope!
    roxcyn8 days ago
    (It wasn't me this time). I did notice someone posted spam links in the queue so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a spammer this time.
    pop out save saving ...

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