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    Songs that say "You are to blame"


     tooki says:
    005-03-2013 03:29
    Hi all. I know everyone is probably sick of hearing requests for specific breakup songs but I can't really find any comfort in any breakup song I've listened to so far. Music has always been a very healing aspect of all my breakups so I'm desperate to find a song that fits.

    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me and is basically blaming me for everything. I feel I treated her extremely well and that it was her own hang-ups that caused our problems.

    I'm not really looking for extremely sad or angry songs ... just one that have a specific message. One that says "stop blaming me" or "you're to blame" or "don't tell me I'm broken when YOU are the one who is broken" or "you have a lot of baggage and maybe it's your fault". Or all of the above Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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     kalsonberry says:
    006-03-2013 15:14
    "Bulletproof Love" by Pierce The Veil is the only one I can come up with. It probably has some screaming though since it's Pierce The Veil.

     kalsonberry says:
    007-03-2013 00:43
    I think "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi also works.

     HyperMusic96 says:
    004-05-2013 22:06
    Hate This and I Ill Love Your by Muse

     CarlJ says:
    005-05-2013 12:05
    Since u Been Gone....Kelly Clarkson.....good move on song
     guest says:
    pop out

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