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Songs about leading someone on

0 likes - like | 07-01-2004 23:21 KrZeeKLuTz  
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Does anybody know songs that say , oh u led me on or just any songs about leading someone on and having them love you when you don't. My bf broke up with me today and i'm thinkin he lied to me the whole time. It would help me out a bunch if u knew any songs!

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0 likes - like | 08-01-2004 00:39 BlueStarlite16 
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LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On
0 likes - like | 08-01-2004 05:30 SeanIsDead 
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New Found Glory - "My Friends Over You"

and I didn't mean to lead you on
you were everything I wanted
but I just can't finish what I started"

Tell him to go to hell for me.


0 likes - like | 08-01-2004 05:32 QUPNCY 
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i think kelly clarkson's song "low" is kinda suitable for this type of situation & you poor thing, sorry to hear that happened, i know what its like hun..
0 likes - like | 15-01-2004 19:58 travis_hank 
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radiohead - the gloaming

john pizzarelli -welcome to the club
0 likes - like | 16-01-2004 23:01 travis_hank 
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same thing happened to me.

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