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How To Drive Your Cat (Maybe Dog) Crazy!

0 likes - like | 07-11-2009 02:09 samo231  
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well, I was bored as usual and I saw my cat passing by (she was bored too) and I remembered that I watched a show on tv that played some sort of sounds that only pets can hear and these sounds drive the pets crazy, so I googled it and I found nothing, so forget all what I said above

Instead I found this music:-

Drive Your Cat crazy

At first I thought its a scam, but most of the comments I read in other sites said that it do actually work and some ppl tried it on their dogs and it worked too, the cats and dogs started to do "weird" stuff

so I thought I'd give it a try, when I played the music, my cat stared at me with the (WTH) look!!!! she was trying to see where is that sound coming from, then she ran under my bed, lol that was hilarious , I tried to get her out of there but she refused even after I bring her favorite food but she will come out eventually, when the "nature calls"

so try it on your pet and post your pet's reaction here

PS: when you go to the website I mentioned above, don't forget to press the big shiny pink button, cuz the music won't start automatically, well, that's what I thought, so I kept staring at the screen for like 30 sec with a dump look on my face waiting for the music to start automatically, but it didn't

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0 likes - like | 07-11-2009 03:20 LudMan 
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YEAH,SURE,real good(NOT!);cruelty to animals.

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