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    I want to know this singer name and song title..


     amjadiqbal says:
    025-10-2009 23:03
    singer is female,I need song whose lyrics are approximately are,...
    Sharing on the small beds/bands...learning to fly..seems so deep..ooh/through the tide is high...All amazing motions/emotions...i feel inside...a spiritual urge....just cannot be denied..Chorus....All my desires...on fire.....
    Kindly if anyone find or get it please email me at(amjad4rose@yahoo.com).Dont post reply here because may be i will never come back here again.Do write email to me please about singer name and lyrics and title/album/band name.I will greatly be indebted to you.I hope you will be helping me as soon as possible.

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     guest says:
    pop out

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