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    Hip Hop Poetry: 18 Year Old

    AJC09-11-2003 06:45
    Im the quietest person alive,
    Conversation is senseless unless it's,
    In the presence to inspire,
    Never act too cool for others, it's worthless,
    You wanna do it all, but a fridge has one purpose,
    Hated by many, I been punched in the mouth but,
    I ain't dead, standing strong, call me Kenny from South Park, many ask how come?
    If you've got no friends, never ignore you enemies,
    They'll make you stronger, now store this in your memory,
    I love rain, you need water to grow,
    In this case, joy and pain ought to elope,
    I watch brothers from another mother,
    Stop lovin' and start judgin on the cover,
    It all changes, best friends become strangers,
    N don't expect to impress the best, and get respect, spending your whole pay checks on cars that reach a hundred in under 6, unless your blessed,
    Cuz hating your enemies is wasted energy,
    So if your a sucker for love, I'll give it to you,
    But switch, and stuff it all up,
    I'll still give it to you,
    See I ain't here to hate, been there done that, But now I see the same, in the DNA of all people,
    So put in work to see the change cuz in Jesus' name we're all equal.
    Masterful_Ally09-11-2003 13:20
    Yeah it's good. But isn't hip-hop poetry just another name for rap? It's good though, rapping is a rare talent, heh.
    millsy09-11-2003 13:29
    dude its brian these lyrics are great pretty soon every boy and girl in the country will be singing this shit man keep it up!
    Achiever09-11-2003 15:37
    That's actually pretty good...
    Think u could evolve and get even better??? I'm waiting to see some more from u...
    booty_call10-11-2003 07:41
    Ladies & gentlemen bow down to the NEW eminem!! WoOoOo love ur stuff aaron! ( but u can be called A-Ron from now on because it sounds more hardcore) and when ur famous, i'll be the hobo scavenging through ur bin trying to dig up the dirt on u and sell it to people
    but one last thing..me insulted, why u no write hip hop poem dedicated to u me and garth, the hindu clan?? and the time u shoved the smokes up ur nose? u broke my heart!!!
    AJC10-11-2003 11:56
    This is steak on a tofu diet; so think hard!

    I'm hip-hops' newest virgin,
    I chip, chop & chew you like a surgeon,
    More words then...? OK,
    Everyday, AJC's, dangerously,
    Spittin more lyrics than chickens,
    You find at KFC,
    Still people find new way of hatin' me,
    I believe love's the way,
    Those stuck in their ways,
    Think it's tougher to hate,
    One way to solve this,
    Gun play & revolvers,
    "I can talk tough as well"
    I've never bust no shells,
    You're burnin inside,
    So go ahead & talk, believe me, I'll listen,
    Then watch when you walk & see all the shit that's missin, I just whisper...
    AJC's my real name, no gimmicks,
    Feel me, I don't depict fiction, I live it,
    I'm postin' lyrics on a website,
    Only those wit spirit know what I'm led by,
    I'm dead right!! What your hearin is a spirit,
    If the colours red, don't fear it,
    Get burnt & learn how to next time miss it...

    AJC '03
    millsy10-11-2003 12:16
    Sick Rhymin dude and very trippyi was tripin of that man.
    Rass29-11-2003 09:25
    Aaron, i've read most of your posted "poetry" and i'm no fan of rap but i find them quite good, no where near as good as some but better than quite a few, all i can say is i would actually like to read something you wrote that's an actual poem and not rap

    the reason for this is, no offence to rap lovers, but most rap lyrics written down just sound like whining in one way or another, or repetition, or just trying to be like all the other rappers out there trying to make it in the world, manufactured, i'd like to see an actual poem by you because you obviously have talent and heart and the passion for it and no offence, i think it would be a waste to only do rap of some sort
    Masterful_Ally29-11-2003 15:50
    "but most rap lyrics written down just sound like whining in one way or another, "

    See, I think you are getting confused between real rap and commerical American 'hiphop'. That seems to be most people's problem too. Rap can be great, but not when its customised to suit the masses by talking about guns and b*tches. Alot of people in underground hiphops groups in London focus on political rap, something that makes much more sense to me and that I actually want to listen to

    Ally xxx
    Rass30-11-2003 06:47
    it still sounds like whining in a way, not that it is it just sounds that way, and not that it's about crap or anything it just sort of seems like whining about something or other and that just because of the form rap takes, i dont mind some rap as rap, i just dont like it in lyric form
    lucky_guess30-11-2003 06:58
    You've definitely got talent!
    It does look suspiciously like regular rap though. not that I would know the difference if it bit me.
    pop out save saving ...

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