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    High-pitched guy singing, newer rock song


     KikiC says:
    018-06-2008 20:24
    OMG I'm going to die if I don't find out what song this is... this guy sings high pitched the entire way through and I've only heard this song twice so i can't even tell you what words he is saying ... I think one of the lyrics might be "You are my only bla bla" and "oooo ooooo ooooo" but its REALLY high... so I don't think its very mistakable for anything else. I think its new. PLEASE help me somebody!!! I've been going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    018-06-2008 20:34
    the darkness

    Maybe? Possibly? Perhaps? I don't know, he's pretty high up there

     KikiC says:
    018-06-2008 20:42
    it's slow... I'm going INSANE!!!!! I heard it play during the Kooks concert and I have been dying slowly ever since... It kinda sounded like Lenny Kravitz to me a littl but its not. Its high all the way through and its not britsh... I'm DYING!!!! SOS!
     guest says:
    pop out

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