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    Father.Daughter Duet


     bride2be says:
    026-02-2008 00:27
    I am trying to avoid the whole traditional wedding so instead of dancing to a father.daughter song I am looking for a father daughter duet for my father and I to sing together at my wedding - plus I can't dance to save my life and niether can he. I al ready recommened the Ozzy/Kelly changes but he said it was too depressing. any ideas? Or even tell me where to start looking. I am so lost.
    I am also looking for a first dance song for my fiance and I. He is into eminem and lincoln park and stuff like that while I am into country...any ideas? Some type of in between?

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     Dagor says:
    026-02-2008 00:49
    Unforgettable - Nat and Natalie Cole

     k_lynn8488 says:
    012-03-2008 12:43
    Um... You can't really dance to Linkin Park or Eminem as a first dance, so tell him tough luck. You should both listen to romantic, SLOW songs and decide together.

    I know that Toby Keith and his daughter did a duet together, "Mockingbird", but it's probably not what you're looking for.

     BrknHrt85 says:
    028-03-2008 05:25
    sounds wierd but miley cyrus and billy ray cyrus have a song out that would be perfect.

     Shania_fan says:
    004-04-2008 20:18
    yep...its called ready, set, dont go

     shiftedsista says:
    009-09-2008 02:50
    I have the perfect father-daughter duet for you! It's called "Give You Away". I think you can download it on www.myspace.com/chantalsoudant.
     guest says:
    pop out

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