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    Literary allusions in songs


     kate20073 says:
    Like 014-01-2008 01:48
    Some modern songs that at have lyrics that allude to novels, plays, movies, or anything!
    The Cure has a ton, but i need more.

    Even movies with themes or lines that are allusions would work too!

    please help!

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     funkyseaweed says:
    Like 014-01-2008 13:20
    Suede - Obsessions refers to Camus and Brett Easton Ellis.
    Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's references the film.

    It's really hard to find songs that reference books. I guess reading just isn't cool these days...

    Maximo Park have a song called Russian Literature, doesn't explicitly mention any books but I presume it's a Russian Literature class.


     carole says:
    Like 014-01-2008 20:01
    u can probably find a lot here (wikipedia list of songs that retell works of literature).

    otherwise, off the top of my head, the Blink 182 "I miss you" song features a reference to Jack and Sally from the Tim Burton movie "Nightmare before xmas".
     guest says:
    pop out

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