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    Good Werewolf Books

    lightwolf29-11-2007 22:58
    I'm looking for really good books about werewolves.

    I would prefer the "Van Helsing" type werewolf, rather than the "wolf man" sort of werewolf story. A modern, or post-modern setting would be ideal. Maybe an overtone of action or heroism (i.e. the main werewolf battles other werewolves, or the main werewolf protects a human he loves, etc.) The presence of vampires in the story is a more than fine option, no matter what the relation.

    One more thing, I prefer the MYSTICAL type, the werewolf legends based more upon supernaturality or myth, possibly legend, rather than the science based "cells mutated with the strain of a virus" bullcrap, PLEASE! LoL

    Also, might someone be able to pass me a link to a good werewolf discussion thread?
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    Lights_Shadow30-11-2007 02:22
    Well, where to start... I've only found a few good ones...

    Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis-Klause the book is so much better than the movie, although it may not be what your after it is told by the girl and its really good

    and then there's Silver Wolf, Night of the Wolf, and Wolf King (I forgot the author but she's Anne Rice's sister) they're not werewolves exactly, but they turn into wolves...

    i remember reading some others but can't remember the titles... I'll keep an eye here for further posts of others' recomendations myself
    Topazxgentlenes16-12-2007 04:06
    I have no idea what a Van Helsing "type" of werewolf is, sooo...xD


    Kitty And The Midnight Hour is the first book of a very good series. She's a werewolf, obviously, but she's also a DJ on a radio show, and she also travels in a pack.

    She's about the only "good" werewolf book[s] I can recommend. ^^
    lightwolf24-12-2007 10:34
    When I say "Van Helsing" type of Werewolf, I'm referring to the shape and look of the werewolf. That kind of huge, towering, super-strong super-fast kind of creature.

    This being the type I prefer as opposed to things like "The Wolf Man" or ones about people turning into the four legged actual ANIMAL wolf.

    That Kitty and the Midnight Hour sounds somewhat familiar. I will have to check it out. Plus, just those small details of it make it rather interesting.

    LoL, why the heck does everyone keep recommending books where the protagonist werewolf is FEMALE? LoL

    I didn't even know they were all THAT popular, let alone that there were that many books on them.

    Anyway, thank you and please keep the recommendations coming. Any and all great werewolf books you've read would be well appreciated. Oh and, if there is a book out there that depicts the ancient war between werewolves and vampires, but from the werewolves' perspective, I'd enjoy something like that too.
    Stormcrow06-01-2008 12:14
    Some good werewolf books in the Van helsing mould would be some of the world of darkness novels

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 1: Shadow Lords & Get of Fenris
    WW11150 ISBN 1-56504-855-5

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 2: Silent Striders & Black Furies
    WW11151 ISBN 1-56504-883-0

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 3: Red Talons & Fianna
    WW11152 ISBN 1-56504-884-9

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 4: Bone Gnawers & Star Gazers
    WW11153 ISBN 1-56504-886-5

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 5: Children of Gaia & Uktena
    WW11154 ISBN 1-58846-812-7

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 6: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers
    WW11155 ISBN 1-58846-813-5

    Werewolf Tribe Novel 7: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo
    WW11156 ISBN 1-58846-822-4

    Breathe Deeply
    WW11300 ISBN 1-56504-881-4

    The Silver Crown
    WW11301 ISBN 1-56504-882-2

    Call To Battle
    WW11304 ISBN 1-56504-885-7

    The Last Battle
    WW11911 ISBN 1-58846-856-9

    Werewolf: Conspicuous Consumption
    ISBN 0-06-105471-2

    Werewolf: Hell-Storm, by James A. Moore
    ISBN 0-06-105675-8

    Werewolf: Watcher
    ISBN 0-06-105672-3

    Werewolf: Wyrm Wolf
    ISBN 0-06-105439-9

    these are all based around the world of darkness RPG

    Xeres19-01-2008 07:31
    Haven't read it personaly, but this serie looks good.

    nanki_c19-01-2008 18:21
    Stephenie Meyer's series is brilliant, three books so far - twilight, new moon and eclipse.
    The first book is entirely about this human girl who's in love with a vampire, but werewolves come into it in a big way in the second and third books. it's a bit girly so i don't know much you'll like it, but i loved them.
    Pandora19-01-2008 18:39
    the world of darkness books are awesome... I have Sins of the Fathers... so I would definitely recommend that reading for anyone.

    lightwolf29-01-2008 21:19
    world of darkness may just be the single most influential factor in all the legends of darkest night... hehe... its awesome...
    incatata06-05-2008 18:03
    Mercy tompson series is good (moon called), so is the Riley Jensen (full moon rising) series.
    Kidd99915-06-2008 23:59
    Im new to this forum but I am an Author of Werewolf books and i just released Book 1 of 3 in a werewolf saga titled

    A Legacy Of Lycans
    Book 1 is a short intro Book just to lay the foundations of the story.
    These books are very graphic and contain adult sex scenes.
    This is a link to where you can purchase Book 1 and preview the book covers for Books 2&3. http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=2405009

    I really hope those who purchase my book enjoy book 1 as the story line really intensifys in book 2 And the dark secrets are revealed in book 3.
    nightewolf01-09-2008 20:24
    Diplomacy of Wolves is a really good book, it's the first of three and i strongly suggest it. It's by Holly Lisle, but it's really hard to find.
    wickedlovely03-10-2008 22:07
    the wereling trilogy by stephen cole is good too
    ilovedward05-10-2008 00:04
    You should read Twilight Saga.
    Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
    Twilight doesn't have werewolves, they come into the picture in New Moon but they are the kind of wolves you seem to like.
    Hope this helps.
    FantasyFreak27-10-2008 21:59
    "Lonely Werewolf Girl" by Martin Millar is a brilliant book! It's is probably a better read for girls.
    Johanna12345627-12-2008 21:40
    The series from Kelly Armstrong is really good. the first book is called Bitten and its the story of the only female werewolf known to survive. The series is all about different paranormal characters but the first book is all about werewolf. I hope you read this book and enjoy it

    kaynine198406-01-2009 14:17
    I am surprised no one has mentioned Laurell K. Hamilton. Her werewolves are the super fast hulking beasts you described. Her books (and there are like 13 last i checked) are some of my favorite and i have reread them twice which i rarely do. They are about a female vampire hunter/necromancer but werewolves and vampires(mostly both) are present in every book in high quantities. The setting is Modern and there is a lot of action in the books and heroism and as the series progresses many scenes that are quite steamy. They don't take away from the story. As far as mysticism over science, i would say an odd mix. Many Many things are totally mystical, however lycanthropy and vampirism are detectable to science, obviously not curable though. EXCELLENT series.

    I also enjoyed blood +chochlate
    kitty and the midnight hour
    the silver wolf - Alice borchardt
    books by patricia briggs (main character is a werecoyote, but the rest of them are werewolves with vampires being more the enemy.)
    books by kelly armstrong

    i hope this helps you lightwolf
    Undeadchick120-01-2009 23:13
    I reccomend the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, Especially New Moon if you are looking for Werewolves, here is the blurb from New Moon:

    "'Shoot' I muttered when the paper sliced my finger; I pulled it out to examine the damage. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut.

    It all happened very quickly then.

    'No!' Edward roared... Dazed and disoriented, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm-into the fevered eyes of six suddenly ravenous vampires."

    By the way, this is from Isabella Cullens point of view and her best friend is a werewolf in a pack of werewolves.

    The Wereling series is also a good werewolf series.
    Everdarkling04-03-2009 02:56
    May I suggest you do not read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers, it is a story of vampires and ancient native american shapeshifters. No werewolves.

    Why not try a classic, which appears to have all the components your are interested in. Wagner the Werewolf (Wehr Wolf) by George WM Reynolds, it may have been written over a hundred years ago but it reads like a modern novel.
    Ludders1916-04-2009 22:49

    I've just finished the twilight saga and loved them...there was where wholves and vampires in it. I've also read the saga of darren Shan which has vampires and other strange creatures and the demonata (series) both by darren Shan. The demonata is about demons and magic. I adordes those 2. I'm a vamp and scary book lover and I'm sure ud love them as much as I did. Xx
    LordSnow24-06-2009 16:31
    Everyone keeps suggesting Twilight? I mean no offense, but if it's anything like the movie, then don't bother. The movie was so bad. It seems like a very childish story. Like I said, I mean no offense, it's just not my cup o' tea.

    I strongly recommend to any werewolf fan, read "Men of the Otherworld," "Bitten," and "Stolen" by Kelley Armstrong (that's chronological order, but you can start anywhere). Someone recommended it above. Very mature, fairly graphic and really great character development. In general one of the best modern, real world setting, werewolf stories out there. The wolves are described like direwolves, but it's mostly about the characters. Mostly werewolves vs. werewolves, but in Stolen they're up against some humans, with other creatures of the night introduced like vampires, witches and demonic people.

    Another good one is "Underworld: Blood Enemy" by Greg Cox. Ignore the movies Underworld Evolution and Rise of the Lycans. All you need is the first Underworld movie and this book, that's it. This book is the REAL sequel. Rise of the Lycans is different and not nearly as good. Those werewolves are the big tall ones you described. This book is about how the war between vampires and werewolves started in a far more realistic (or believable) way. Like I said, watch the original Underworld movie, then read this book and pretend you never heard of the two newer movies.
    hauntermir09-07-2009 19:16
    I really liked Circle of Dogs by D.L. Fairchild. It doesn't do any of the virus junk or sickness crap, and it looks at the myth in a really remarkable way that stays true to werewolf form and doesn't insult it. I highly recommend that book.
    Fairywitch16-07-2009 02:09
    Though it isn't quite what you're looking for most likely, I would recommend The Blooding by Patricia Windsor. It's not the best book in the world - but I'll admit it was interesting at the least and it was the kind of book I could read a couple of more times with no issue.
    Mywolfissilver12-08-2009 21:37
    An old friend of mine has almost finished her werewolf novel like the one you are looking for. It is is going to be called Blood of the Moon, Midnight, or something like that she hasn't descided on a title just yet.
    Check Raiders Publishing for when it comes out!
    The_ape02-12-2009 00:14
    I would recommend :
    Werewolf - The First Chronicle of Michael Cavendish
    It is set in between Cromwells time and WW2. So not modern, but it does have werewolves that are powerful in it. And immortal. No vampires in it (this is only the first book though, so they can appear i suppose!)
    This book is adult in orientation. The fight scenes are brutal, and there are sex scenes too. If you dislike this sort of thing, stick with kitty and the midnight hour! If you dont mind it though, I have yet to read a better book about werewolves, so I doubt you will go wrong by it.

    On a side note, I have found that alot of the published werewolf material tends to be in small book forms, which can keep me entertained for an hour or two at most. So I use the fictionpress website to read up on stories.
    Easiest way to do this is using the search by "update date". I think you would be able to find at elast one story there that you will enjoy. Unfortunately it deos take time to find said story from the amount of junk that it does have.... stil, can't win them all!
    nasha9602-01-2010 01:57
    there is a book i just read it is called need the second one is coming out soon but i don't know when
    pop out save saving ...

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