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    22 year old guy having sex with 16 year old girl

    Dewayne217-09-2007 21:21
    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I found this in a fitness forum.

    A guy, 22, wants to have sex with a girl who's 16. I'm the dad of a 1 year old daughter. I am worried about her enough as it is, but I cant think of how much I'd worry about this if this was my daughter. I'm angry about this guy doing this, am I right to be angry? What would you do if your daughter was in this situation?
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    Ace_Ventura5417-09-2007 22:28
    First of all, I would definatley castrate this guy.

    Second, your daughter should be lectured about how the internet can store and transmit just about any media ever created(digitally).

    Therefore, your daughter should know that posting any personal information can and will be used by... old comp geeks. These media include pics, addresses, names, videos, etc.

    Third, If your daughter doesn't have this common sense, Hammer it in with a k12 proffesional air wrench.
    TheAnnoyance17-09-2007 22:44
    Don't see the problem, she's of a legal age. Its the girls choice if she wants to have sex with men older than her, and its only 6 years.
    fishmunky17-09-2007 23:13
    i think its a matter of hyper-paranoid parenting

    mind you i think a guy in his 20s trying to pick a 16 year old is pathetic, thats a personal thing, it shows a lack of maturity, and in my opinion a slightly predatory attitude

    of course im sure there are exception where peoplewith an age gap at that stage in life can form a real connection beyond sex

    but lets be honest, kids do stupid things, im sure theres stuff from your teen years that you hid from your folks, regardless of how inisgnificant it was, in the end if you raise your kid right, and trust them to make the right, rational decisions based on the way she was brought up

    the world is a scary place, and gets scarier every year, but provided you give the right lessons, your kid will be fine

    trust me when i say there are things in the world crappier and scarier than some lusty college guy wanting to bang your 16 year old daughter
    Ace_Ventura5417-09-2007 23:42
    This bring's me to another point.

    Even though she's 16, she still acts like a kid if she uses the internet irresponsively. Though she's still some what of an adult, she can make mistakes like a kid.
    Felicya17-04-2008 20:18
    I do understand why you feel that way, I am a 16 year old girl and I can very easily see why you get angry, but sex does not always make things worse, you see, maybe this guy isn't that bad as he seems to be for wanting to have sex with that girl.
    I have a 20 year old boyfriend, and it acctually work perfect.
    I'm not saying that the guy got the right to sleep with her, but it is still her choise too. If she want's to have sex with him, I thing it is up to her to do it or not.
    I know I would go crazy if i wasn't alowed to sleep with my boyfriend, it's everybodys right to do what they feel is right for themselves, as long as thay both agreed to do it and treats each other right.
    Dagor17-04-2008 20:24
    Gods, I am feeling sorry for your daughter already. She's only 1 and you are already thinking about this?

    At least you have 15 years more to prepare her for this .. and to make sure that when she decides to explore her body, you will have given her the freedom to mature. I just fear you will not allow that she gets mature though and will try to protect her instead with all your paternal power
    ice_white_tiger17-04-2008 21:53
    I'm on the fence on this one.

    On the one hand, she is at the legal age to have sex, and whether her parents worry about her and lecture her or not, she's going to make her own decision. 6 years seems like a lot of age difference when one person is in their teens, but if the relationship concerned a 24 and a 30 year old, it wouldnt be such a big deal...

    ... Having said that, 16 is extremely young, and I didn't know what I wanted at that age, back then alot of people thought about peer pressure and keeping up with the crowd. Sure, the girl's giving the guy her number, but is it only because she wants to have sex, or because she actually likes this guy?

    ... Personally, both him and her sound like douches.
    Kristha18-04-2008 01:03
    So? Such is life.What about 22year old girl with 16 year old guy? Now that would be immaturity.Never mind projecting your daughters future,you probably just resent never having the chance when you were 22.
    andro18-04-2008 04:28
    If I had a daughter who was in this situation, I would let her make her own decision about whether or not she should have sex with a 22 year old guy.

    But first, I would sit her down and make sure that she knew about some important facts. Contraception, safe sex and STDs would be things that she would really need to know about so that if she did decide to have sex with anyone, she would know how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or catch anything. A recent survey showed that on average, 1 in 4 american teenagers carries an STD of some sort; this also shows that only teaching abstinence doesn't really work.
    Dagor18-04-2008 11:40
    ^ exactly my point too.
    carole18-04-2008 13:27
    there was something on tv yesterday about "sweet 16 bday parties". the topic was more about showing how very rich pple dont mind spending millions on some (already spoilt) child's bday. but what shocked me was the clothes (american) 16yo girls on a night out were wearing. they all (and i mean ALL) looked like hookers. and im not prude, and im not saying girls should dress like nuns, but jeez, very mini skirts + very low-cut tiny tops + outrageous make-up, thats just too much.
    i realize this is a lil off-topic, but, no wonder guys cant tell the difference between a professional prostitute and a regular 16-yo kid these days.

    and yea, there are 16yo kids who have a normal and heatlthy sexual life, but i agree with Phil, they absolutely need to be educated about that. being smart is always better in any case, but being smart about your own body can just save your life
    thissle21-04-2008 13:15
    Welll im 17 and my bf just turned 23 yesterday. When we first got together i was 16 and he was 22 and yes when it first happened my parents werent very happy about it, but the main reason for that is becasue i live abroad, but im from england, and i went back to the UK on holiday and met this guy who is nw my bf. My parents jsut thought that it was like a holiday fling i guess, so they werent happy that we had slept together. But its now nearly a year down the line and we have made a long distance relationship work so far, with me going back to the uk since meeting him in the summer, and him coming over to stay with me for a month. But i admit that this time last year i would have found it weird to think of being with someone 6 years older than me, and many of my friends found it strange aswell, but like i said we have been together for almost a year and im going to engand again in a month, but it just feels normal now. I cant imagen not having him in my life, even if i dont get to see him often. At the end of the day, age is just a number, if you get on with each other thats all that really matters.
    amisbef21-05-2008 11:41
    to be honest, its nothing to do with you so don't sweat it.
    and i do too feel sorry for your daughter for misjudging her personality and for doubting your own parenting skills. do you really think your daughter is going to grow up to think this way?

    ah, hell if you're her father and having thoughts like this; id rebel to that too.

    oh and i'm 15 and currently fucking a 22 year old, what goes on is nothing to do with anyone else; why bring this up?
    Pop_killer21-05-2008 16:55
    to be honest, its nothing to do with you so don't sweat it.
    and i do too feel sorry for your daughter for misjudging her personality and for doubting your own parenting skills. do you really think your daughter is going to grow up to think this way?

    ah, hell if you're her father and having thoughts like this; id rebel to that too.

    oh and i'm 15 and currently fucking a 22 year old, what goes on is nothing to do with anyone else; why bring this up?

    ^ Idiot. With everything that happens nowadays people have a right to worry about things. They just want to do what's best for their children. It looks like your parents probably failed at giving you a decent upbringing.


    It all depends on the maturity of the individuals involved really. I agree with fish about how going for someone 6 years below you is pretty odd, but it's still legal if she's 16. As long as she knows what she's getting involved with and how to protect herself I think it's okay. That is, unless the two of them are just looking for sex and nohing else, in which case it's damn stupid.
    indiechick_21-05-2008 17:29
    hah, i'm 21 and i'm doing a 15 year old. (yes it's legal, minimum age here is 14) and guess what? she's a lot more of a perv than i'll ever be. and is it my fault that her parents raised her to be a slag? nope. and if i pass doing her for the sake of "oh, she's too young", someone else will do her anyway - she has already slept with more people than i have. the damage is done already, kids nowadays are raised by computers and online social networkings. am i supposed to lecture her? hell no, that should've been done years ago by her parents.
    Killmode21-05-2008 20:12
    If my daughter ever tried to date or have sex with someone that much older, she'd be kicked directly to the street. Or threatened at least, then she'd probably see the error of her ways.

    Like Anthony said, it's pathetic on the guys part. If you're 22 and you're macking on high school sophomores, it's time to check yourself. Maybe step up your game a little bit and go after someone more suitable.

    I wouldn't be too worries here man. Highschool girls are idiots, plain and simple. So you gotta expect mistakes and probably ones you'll never even know about. But worry more about your daughter than these guys. Teach her well and she won't be the 16 year old girl screwing guys out of college.
    Cyd21-05-2008 20:28
    if there's grass on the field, play ball.
    Cyd21-05-2008 20:29
    no but seriously.. it depends on the people.
    xballaholicx15-08-2008 23:23
    is that bad?
    Your_Marionette16-08-2008 02:04
    I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 21 but i think because it's only 4 years and completely legal that it's okay. However 16 and 22 is a big difference in maturity level. Just make sure your daughter knows that you only want what is best for her and you want to keep her safe. She'll probably make the right desicion on her own.
    musiclover34216-08-2008 15:45
    I don't understand why people can't find people to have sex with or have relationships with who are around their same age. Like, i can see a person having a relationship with a person who is 1,2, or 3 years older then they are. Like a 19 year old and a 21 year old. Or a 24 year old and a 26 year old. But I mean, a 17 year old and a 22 year old? or a 34 year old and a 46 year old? That's kind of pushing it to me. Like, we're talking about a completely different time in history.

    Like when you were watching barney in your play pen i was in the 3rd grade. I just don't understand why a man who is 22, which would be like a junior in college, maybe a senior, would need a sophomore in high school...unless he just knew he could control her and make her do what he wanted. that's what i think. Cuz its not hard to find other 22 year olds in college. even 20 year olds, for christs sake. 16 year olds? that's pathetic. grow the hell up
    TbM4lIfE08-10-2008 01:28
    You definitely have the justification to be mad.
    That's an 8-year interval, which basically=SICK!
    TbM4lIfE08-10-2008 01:30
    Sorry, I mis-calculated.
    6-year interval.
    But it's still pretty sick.
    DNA_Maniac08-10-2008 08:37
    they could fall in love and as it goes my daughter could do that. i wouldnt try to stop her probably.

    but the guy comes with i want to sex w a 16 yo girl, ermm i must be stopped physically to prevent me killing him!

    dont care if its legal or not, it is irratioanal and with utmost probability preverted.
    Pterodactyl13-01-2011 02:19
    so here i am.

    im numerically in the same position, only i dont request sex from her. we met online and have built some connection before i had known her age, about year ago. we started dating just few months ago and i was allways carefull about what others would say, what also brought me here.

    so adress me if you must with insults, but rather with questions. i just wanted to say that sex is not my motive, and if it was i'd go for some older girls that i know i can score within lets say month(or week, or night..).
    pop out save saving ...

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