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    How do I copy videos and save on my computer


     777Turbo says:
    010-08-2007 06:46
    I'm soooo lost. How do I copy and save a video on my computer. When the video was playing, in the menu button i selected URL and then it had a spot that said save to my clipboard or ?. well where is that space at. And the can I copy and save the video onto my computer into my Freeze.com EZ video file? HELP PLEASE

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     Celix says:
    010-08-2007 08:37
    go to dvdvideosoft.com and there are several programs that can help you download videos off websites such as youtube. They are all free and so far have worked well for me.

     heat84 says:
    019-08-2007 19:03
    Sites like YouTUbe upload the video to your computer while your're playing it into your browser's temp folder.

    If you use IE its: C:\Documents and Settings\(Windows XP username here)\Local Settings\Temporary internet files

    If you use FireFox its: C:\Documents and Settings\(Windows XP username here)\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xi3yld83.default\Cache

    I recommend clearing your browsers cache BEFORE you click on the link to load THE PAGE WHERE THE VIDEO IS so you can find it easily. If the video is in a forum post, clear the browser cache BEFORE you click play. The video should be the biggest file in the cache folder. You'll need a either a special player or VideoLan to play it. I highly recommend VideoLan. The file won't have the proper name or extension so just drag it in to the player. VideoLan also automatically associates the FLV extension with itself. FLV stands for Flashvideo which YouTube and similar sites use as their streaming video format.


     heat84 says:
    019-08-2007 19:06
    I forgot to say that in order to save the video you have to pause it while its playing. If you notice theres a download progress bar under the seek bar. Wait until it gets to 100% then copy the file to the desktop or somewhere else. Once you leave the page or close the browser window the video is deleted from the cache.
     guest says:
    pop out

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