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    Short Stories

    Masterful_Ally19-09-2003 09:39
    Hey guys, Orpheus_Myth pointed out this was needed so feel free to post your short stories here and get some feedback - I may even do so meself

    Ally xxx
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    Faith_Hope_Love20-11-2005 16:46
    This is my short story I wrote. Just something I was thinking about that needed to go down on paper.
    Idon't think it's very gd, but plz read and let me know what you think!


    Ever had that feeling that although you're surrounded by people, you're all alone?
    I have had that feeling for too long now. It's terrifying.
    You feel hollow. Like you want to cry, but there seems to be no energy left in you to form the tears. Every now and then, your stomach will give an uneasy clench and make you feel sick. However much you want to eat, you can't muster the strength to swallow the food.
    Because without you, there seems no point. Everything I lived for died with you. You were the one who reminded me I wasn't alone, promised not to leave me alone. But you did.
    I remember the last words you said to me, before,before. You smiled as you always did and said "Love you always honey." You waved your fingers at me and walked down the street. And I waited till I couldn't see you any more.
    I remember what the doctor said to me as I waited in the waiting room. Those moments in the waiting room were the worst I have ever experienced. Not knowing was worse than knowing. But knowing wasn't a picnic either. I knew the moment he walked in what had happened. But I waited till he said it. "I'm so sorry, but,"
    I don't remember what happened next. What words of comfort he offered me. I remember crumpling to the floor and crying loudly. Well, it was loud to me. It was all I could hear.
    I remember them asking me if I wanted to see you. To see goodbye. They warned me what you would look like. It didn't matter to me. You were still gone.
    I remember seeing your body as I walked in. I saw the blood on your face and chest. I saw everything. I saw the lips that had spoken soft words to me, time and time again.
    I saw the hand that had waved goodbye to me, that morning. It seemed a lifetime ago.
    I remember the doctors leading me out.
    I remember going home crying.
    I remember sitting down on the sofa.
    But then I went numb. I couldn't cry, couldn't talk. I didn't want to move until I had your arms around me again.
    So here I am. Wishing you were with me. Wanting your lips to speak beautiful words to me. Needing for you to hold me.
    Remembering you.
    Razzie26-01-2006 00:47
    hey guys, i made this a as my own thread but onlt got one post, so yeah, reply if you can be botehred to read it all, thankyou!!!

    'I think it's the worst feeling to ever experience. Its caused by being paranoid and curious, it's all in my head, my mind is creating a puppet show out of me, my veins being the strings and my blood, guts, flesh, heart, bones, body being the stuffed puppet. I can't be detached from the veins unless i cut them and throw them away, just like my family. I'm stuck with them forever, and I'm told I won't function correctly without them. My life is similar to a puppet show, people being hauled into places they may not want to go into, having their mouths move for them only to say all but the truth. It's my family that causes me to become paranoid and curious, they are the ones who thrust me into the worst emotion in the world.

    I walked into the small lounge only to pause by an awkward quietness. I glanced around at the alien-like adults staring at me, each one turned away before I met their eyes. I sat on the edge of the couch while my parents slowly started up a new conversation with their company.
    "Erm, so how's the new car going, Dan?" My father asked his mate, turning fully to face him.
    Daniel and Lola, both in their mid fifties. I've known them for 15 years, my whole life, apparently they've known me for 15 years and 9 months, but that doesn't count, i wasn't even fully human, let alone being innocently burst into the world full of pain and evil I'm in today.
    Daniel chatted away idly and I started to relax after wanting to form into a cricket bat and pound my parents for doing what they do, keeping everything a secret from me.
    "Ash, when do you go back to school?" Lola questioned me.
    My father continued talking about the new car Dan had bought last month, but there was a pause between Lola and my mother. I heard the question I was asked, but I didn't want to talk hence I stared out the window acting as if I was thinking deeply about something else. I felt two pairs of eyes on me until my mother let out a heavy sigh towards me as if it was a kind of secret punishment,
    "The 21st she starts, Lo."
    "Oh, so still another week to go," Lola pointed out.
    I tilted my chin to her, slightly frowning, "Yes."

    A common Tuesday evening for me, trying to be something I'm not. Being forced to be something I don't want to be. I wondered why I bother trying so hard for something I don't care about, I do so much for people and no one seems to notice. I wanted to scream at the hypocrites in front of me, I wanted to yell so loud and throw punches at them to return the pain. I told myself it's like Chinese whispers, the game I played in grade one, a secret that continues to go down a tunnel of people and will be released differently to how it started off as, they started hurting me emotionally so I want to finish it off by hurting them physically, just so I could get some overwhelming relief and power from it. The only problem, I wouldn't dare scream and or punch anyone in my family. "All actions have consequences, my dear." My godmother told me every time I accidentally dropped a glass of water or ran too fast across bitumen blindfolded or tugged on my barbie dolls hair one too many times. I could picture the look wash over my parents face if I yelled at them, shock, disappointment, outrage, confusion......

    Olivia_Ka17-07-2014 15:57
    One two,
    Gonna cheat on you
    Three four,
    I won't ask you for more
    Five six,
    Take all the risks
    Seven eight,
    Always late!
    bobby199420-09-2014 01:35
    They put me in the oven to bake.
    Me a deprived and miserable cake.
    Feeling the heat I started to bubble.
    Watching the others I knew I was in trouble

    They opened the door and I started my life.
    Frosting me with a silver knife.
    Decorating me with candy jewels.
    The rest of my batch looked like fools.

    Lifting me up, she took off my wrapper.
    Feeling the breeze, I wanted to slap her.
    Opening her mouth with shiny teeth inside.
    This was the day this cupcake had died
    Captain_Keeta20-09-2014 01:37
    Well that was the most depressing thing I've ever read.
    bobby199420-09-2014 01:40
    I never really knew you
    you were just another friend
    But when I got to know you
    I let my heart unbend

    I couldn't help past memories
    That would only make me cry
    I had to forget my first love
    And give another try

    So I've fallen in love with you
    And I'll never let you go
    I love you more than anyone
    I just had to let you know

    My feelings for you will never change
    Just know my feelings are true
    Just remember this one thing
    I will always love you
    Juliet8620-09-2014 12:05
    There are other threads, such as this one for poems.
    pop out save saving ...

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