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    Another reason why Beyonce sucks

    NightHobbit14-06-2007 13:15
    Despite making her fans pay $300 for an autograph she did this to someone:

    Taken from New York Daily:

    Beyoncé just lost one British fan. Artist Paul Stillwell tells us that he started painting one year ago to cope with the death of his mother. He made this portrait of the singer (a copy of her "Dangerously in Love" album cover), and, when he heard about her recent concert at Wembley Stadium, he tells us, "I traveled 100 miles to London and waited outside her hotel for five hours. ... When she came out I showed her my painting and said, 'Beyoncé, will you sign my painting?' She said, 'No, sorry,' and walked away. ... I was devastated, as the painting took me over 80 hours to paint and I had put my whole heart and soul into it. I was shocked that she wouldn't take two seconds of her time to sign her name on it." There was no response by deadline to a request for comment from the singer's rep.
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    Ice4417-06-2007 04:24
    In response to Nighthobbit's reply to me stating that Beyonce's life is 100x more busy than any of ours. You may have misunderstood it because I clearly used the word "busy", as opposed to "more important." Because all of the occupations you listed are definitely ones that people have that are more important than a stupid diva. But I still believe that Beyonce's life would still be more busy than anybody with any of these careers simply because she's world-renowned. So many people know her and want to adore her that it's almost ridiculous to even compare her to a non-famous person, as shallow as that may sound. Unfortunately, in this stupid world, Doctors & Nurses, Mental Health/Social Workers, and teachers take a back seat when it comes to inspiring a child to do something special with their life. So I guess we can add this on to the list of more Reasons Why Beyonce Sucks!

    As for the $300 autographs. Whoever is stupid enough to be a Beyonce fan in the first place deserves to get ripped off by her, especially for something so insignificant as an autograph! I mean, come on! What kind of an idiot... ugh, nevermind.
    Bucephalus17-06-2007 20:02
    I think it's lame as hell to charge money for autographs...but if I was a celebrity and was hounded constantly for autographs, I would give them very sparingly.. Personally, I don't wnat autographs. I'd rather just shake their hand or get a picture... but anyways, it was just another autograph for Beyonce. How was she supposed to know the meaning or how long this artist worked on it? Seriously, she isn't gonna stand there and ask a million questions about some picture a random guy has.
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