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poems from girls to guys.


 HOTTIE1010 says:
Like 013-05-2007 04:13
i have like a million poems that I wrote for different guys because i was either mad at one of them or loved one of them. so here is a place to put those poems, whether they are cheesy or heart felt.

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 Namel3ss says:
Like 029-06-2008 02:33
Why not post them?

Like 013-10-2008 21:50
i have one.

i cry one thousand tears,
but speak a single word.
and though i speak it softly,
i want it to be heard.
i sigh one thousand sighs,
big and long and deep.
you pretend you did not hear
as i begin to weep.
the one who broke my heart,
the one who is dear to me,
the one i speak about is you,
will you ever see?
others may not like you,
but i don't care what they
think about inside their heads
or what they choose to say.
i listen to their rumors,
i listen to them talk,
when i tell them how i feel,
they just stand there and gawk.
as i sit here and write,
and as i begin to cry,
i think about the word i said,
and the word i said was "why?"

 ghall says:
Like 020-10-2008 16:58

lets fall back


Lets fall back
Verse 1
Sometimes it isn't easy to know love through all this fear
But maybe cautions needed when your feelings don't appear that clear
Lets fall back
And even if the next day shines much brighter then the one before
It doesn't mean we have won love, only we weren't keeping score
Lets fall back
And just because the angels sing above us in the midnight sky
It doesn't mean them angels necessarily sing for you and i
Lets fall back
But maybe it was never there so we can't find where it went wrong
I'm only sorry that you were the first that I let listen to this song
Lets fall back
Lets fall back
Baby lets fall back

Verse 2
How long will it be till we exhale and finally we realise
That this was never really love only passion in disguise
Lets fall back
Now them tears are falling for a love you thought that no one could destroy
But when you find a real love them tears will seem like tears of joy
Lets fall back
I know I could be wrong I may not be happy with some one else
But if I'm going to make mistakes I want to make them for myself
Lets fall back
I guess what we thought was so solid turned out not to be that strong
And I'm sorry that you were the first that I let listen to this song
Lets fall back
Lets fall back
Baby lets fall back

Verse 3
I ask you if you like these jeans but your not there to help decide
I laughed at something you once said I looked up you weren't by my side
Lets fall back
I'm so glad I'm free 'cus freedom is the one thing that can conquer love
But freedoms only good if you don't want the one thing your free of
Lets get back
Now the skin on my flesh seems to ache as my heart pierces like a spear
Its almost like my bodies angry at me because you are no longer here
Please come back
You misunderstood, don't listen to me you how I always get things wrong
And I really wish that you weren't the first one that I let listen to this song
Please come back
Please come back
Baby please come back

 guest says:
pop out

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