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    Funeral Songs..

    Pandora10-07-2003 17:28
    this is the new Funeral songs thread..
    the weird thing is.. there are more funeral songs than anything.. morbid people.. feel free to add.

    here goes..

    Golden Slumbers - Ben Folds
    Hey you've got to... - Eddie Vedder
    Butterfly - Weezer
    Buy now Pay later - The Whitlams
    Perfect - Smashing Pumpkins
    Found - Machine Translations
    Song for Catherine - K's Choice
    Blackbird - Sarah McLachlan
    my sweet lord - george harrison
    amazing grace (how sweet the sound
    danny boy
    abide with me
    jerusalem - edward elgar/william blake
    schubert - ave maria
    "time of your life" by Greenday
    Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    Name by Goo Goo Dolls
    I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith
    Hear You Me-Jimmy Eat World
    No merci - When I Die
    Please Remember - Leann Rimes
    im wiv u - avril lavigne
    goodbye to u - michelle branch
    One Last Breath - Creed
    Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson
    Time Of Your Life - Green Day
    Lightning Crashes - Live
    Arms Wide Open - Creed
    Higher – Creed
    'Dust in the Wind' by Kansas
    With or with out you - U2
    "One Sweet Day" by Mariah and Boyz 2 Men
    "Angel" by Amanda Perez
    "Time of Your Life" by Green Day
    "Amazing Grace" and "Blessed Assurance"
    My Immortal- by evanescence
    "the proclaimers - five hundred miles".
    'at your funeral' by saves the day
    don't forget to remember me" by the Bee Gee's
    nothing eles matters-Metallica
    "Funeral March" by Chopin
    Bette Middler "Wind beneath my wings"
    Green Day - Ha Ha You're Dead
    Matthew Good Band - Running For Home
    Dropkick Murphy's - Amazing Grace
    "life's a dance" jmm
    "the dance" garth
    anyway probably angels by robbie williams.
    dust in the wind by kansas
    everybody hurts REM
    i will always love you by whitney Houston
    "fields of gold" or "morningstar" by afi
    Time To Say Goodbye - Sarah Brightman
    I Will Remember You - Sarah Mac...something
    Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley
    Godspeed (sweet dreams) - Dixie Chicks
    I Dont Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
    What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
    Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
    Adrenaline - Shut The F**k Up And Dance
    Ben E King - Stand By Me
    Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
    David Gray - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
    Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer
    Bon Jovi - It's My Life
    the used- buried myself alive
    placebo- bitter end
    breaking benjamin- polyamorous
    'My Sundown' - Jimmy Eat World
    'Colourblind' - Counting Crows
    'Tears in Heaven' - Eric Clapton
    'Name' - Goo Goo Dolls
    One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey+somebody else
    I Will Remember You-Sarah McLaughlin
    I've Had the Time of my Life-DirtyDancing
    At the Beginning-Donna Lewis+Richard Marx
    Somewhere Out There-Celine Dion
    Only Time-Enya
    Orinoco Flow-Enya
    crazy-mercy me
    adams song - blink 182
    knockin on heavens door - guns n roses
    guns of brixton - DKM
    I Will Remember You -- Sarah McLachlan
    I Miss You -- Aaliyah
    Good Riddance -- Green Day
    Where You Are -- Jessica Simpson feat. Nick Lachey
    I Hope You Dance -- Leann Something
    Just a day By Feeder
    Could it be any harder By The Calling
    The whole of the moon By The waterboys
    Enola Gay By OMD
    De steen - Bram Vermeulen
    Sophia - so slow
    Moby - Go
    composition 4.22 - John Cage
    Jeff Buckley - Grace
    Jeff Buckely - Hallelujah
    The Beatles - Here there and everywhere
    The Beatles - For no one
    I'll always be right there - Michelle Branch
    Landslide" by the Dixie Chicks
    2nd Law by Tom McRae
    iris by the goo goo dolls
    all things must pass by george harrison,
    across the universe by the beatles,
    i live for you by george harrison
    or out of reach by the get up kids
    forever young – Alphaville
    silence, by delirium
    Hanson "With You In Your Dreams"
    fields of gold – sting
    I believe- Diamond Rio
    lake of fire-the nirvana version.
    opium by marcy playground.
    goodbye by stabbing westward.
    Pearl Jam- Last Kiss
    Living On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
    MY sacrifice- Creed
    With Arms Wide Open- creed
    Stay With Me- Finch
    KC and JoJo- All my life
    Praise Chorus- Jimmy eat World
    Queens of the Stoneage- No One Knows
    forsaken" by vnv nation..
    Satellite" by P.O.D.
    "Movin' On" -Good Charlotte
    50 Cent-Back Down
    50 Cent-In Da Club
    Eminem-Cleanin' Out My Closet
    Ludacris-Act A Fool
    Good Charlotte-The Day I Die
    Good Charlotte- Lifestyles of the rich and the famous.
    "Amazed" by Lonestar
    Miles End - Gomez
    Have a Nice Day - Stereophonics
    Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
    No Surprises - Radiohead
    How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
    Free To Run - Gomez
    Sail to the Moon - Radiohead
    The Other Side - David Gray
    Angel - Sarah MacLahlan
    Amsterdam - Coldplay
    Out of Time - Blur
    No Distance Left to Run - Blur
    Spill the Light – Betchadupa
    You Know you're right by Nirvana?
    red hot chili peppers - Gong Li
    Live - they stood up for love
    Black rebel motorcycle club - Love burns
    David Bowie - Space Oddity
    Weezer - Island in the Sun
    Jude - i will not die (heh heh heh)
    Dave Nevarro – Rexall
    Life Goes On by 2pac
    'at your funeral' by saves the day
    tears in heaven- eric Clapton

    rock on
    tabitha, the mod

    ** this post has been edited [for swearing](Moderator) 01/09/2003 **
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    RFROX14-06-2006 22:27
    im movin on-rascal flatts, definitley
    DeathWolfess18-06-2006 14:13
    The songs I want played at my funeral that I didn't see listed here:

    Linkin Park- Numb
    Korn- Right Now (nice way to be remembered... heheheh)
    Static-X - Invincible
    Nevermore- This Godless Endeavor

    Here's a song to be played at my mom's, grandparent's, and/or uncle's funeral:

    A Perfect Circle- Judith
    shelby82722-06-2006 04:03
    Broken Wings by Bleed The Dream.
    tigerjenkins24-07-2006 12:28
    Don't know if this has already been said; but Fields of Gold - by the various artists that have done it. The nicest version I've heard is off Stings live acoustic album from a few years ago.
    indiechick_21-08-2006 12:16
    mogwai - helps both ways
    BlackArrow01-09-2006 20:58
    I don't know if anybody has written this song down but

    Susie Suh - Light on my shoulder

    its the perfect funeral song

    Sixpounder08-09-2006 19:34
    Hammerfall - Glory to the Brave and Gamma Ray - Lake of Tears.

    Sad songs, I love those.
    Shadow_Creator05-12-2006 21:24
    'The Mantle' album from Agalloch.
    Shadow_Creator05-12-2006 21:37
    Oh, and I agree with Gamma Ray. Great band, especially the song 'Shine On'.
    VivaLaViktor10-02-2007 19:22
    hells bells by ac/dc?? nah! just kidding!!! "jesus dont want me for a sunbeam" by Nirvana(the vaselines made it originally!! i love nirvana ^^ and that song is really cool!!

    i hope that helped u
    VivaLaViktor10-02-2007 19:23
    "lake of Fire" by nirvana is also really cool..all the songs from thier unplugged in NY are very beautyfull!!

    LudMan11-02-2007 04:43

    H-A-L-LE-L-U-J-A-H TO Wayne Watson for his terrific,freeing tune named

    * HOME FREE *
    messi20-04-2007 19:35
    Well these are the songs i want at mine

    One Sweet Day-boyz 2 men
    Change the World-Eric Clapton
    Jessie-Josh Kadison

    Ck77716-07-2007 05:19
    Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World
    Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole
    XCuteXEmo19-07-2007 03:55
    May Angels Lead You In - Jimmy Eat World. I dunno if someone has already said that or not, but i want that one at mine. Or maybe In Memory - Brightwood. Even though it doesn't really have to do with dying, just mainly letting go.
    XCuteXEmo19-07-2007 04:20
    Crap, i mean Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World.
    LudMan21-07-2007 06:13
    "Act A Fool" by Ludacris?I don't think so.Who's funeral?Only Bozo The Clown.

    Funeral For A Friend by Elton John.I only read the original post and didn't see it.
    LudMan21-07-2007 06:19
    Looking again though,for my money,the serene combination of a peaceful, relaxing melody joined by compassionate,empathetic words in Home Free really says it all.
    futur3marin321-07-2007 21:51
    I died for you-Iced Earth ,melancholy- Iced Earth, Lost to apathy-Dark Tranguillity,Nothing To No One-Dark Tranquillity
    larawarren13-08-2007 13:59
    Our Farewell by within temptation
    Somewhere only we know by keane
    JDolla13-08-2007 14:06
    the acoustic version of learn to fly by the foo fighers
    Rtoolhead27-10-2007 04:36
    Dumb by Nirvana
    Street Spirit by Radiohead
    Fierce_Cubs29-11-2007 20:53
    A good song ABOUT a funeral is Yesterdays by Switchfoot
    The Flowers cut and brought inside
    Black cars in a single line
    Your family in suites and ties
    And your free

    The Ache I feel inside
    Is where the life has left your eyes
    I'm alone for our last goodbyes
    And you're free

    I'll remember you like
    Yesterday, Yesterday
    I still can't believe you're gone, woah
    I'll remember you like
    Yesterday, Yesterday
    And until i'm with you, i'll carry on
    Shade_Jay_2305-12-2007 15:57
    Eminem-Like toy soldier
    BunnyEarGirl620-12-2007 12:00
    im gona hav 'thoughts of a dying atheist' by muse - coz i AM an atheist. hehe. id also lyk 'famous last words' by MCR. 2 absolutely wkd songs for a funeral.
    pop out save saving ...
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