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glory glory hallelujah parody


 kiki0907 says:
Like 027-05-2006 18:25
My friend told my this one, it's a parody from glory glory hallelujah

My eyes have seen the glory
of the burning of the school
we tortured all the teachers and we broke all the rules
we shot the secretary and we hung the principal
and that's why they teach no more

Glory glory hallelujah
my teacher tried to hit me with the ruler
I hid behind the door with a loaded 44
and thats why the teach no more

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 slim_gary says:
Like 027-05-2006 18:33
haha we used to have a verion of that..

glory glory hallelujah,
teacher slapped me with a ruler
the ruler snapped in half
and we all began to laugh
and the teacher dont teach no more
slam the door

kinda similar
 guest says:
pop out

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