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    The Poem Corner!

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    Guinness175923-06-2003 08:06
    I don't know if ther's already a thread about this, but I know you all are very creative and artistic, and I know some of you write poems.
    Well, basicly her's where you post your poems (or someone else's) and hope your friends could give you comments about them.

    I'll srart then. This is a poem I wrote a while ago and I really wanted to shear it with someone. I had to translate it from hebrew though, so it might not sound as good.

    Self Portrait
    look in the miror
    you see you didn't shave this morning, you
    see the eyes
    that refuses to open.
    a dream is forgotten
    something inside of you tells you
    to look at you again.
    a coulpe of hopes you once had,
    drown with the teeth-brushing water
    making it's way in the sewage's maze.

    You stop watching.
    after all, you
    know what your face look like.
    you know each wrinkle and each scar
    and you can tell the story of
    each one and one.
    the thoughts are running within you
    and you
    shake them, wipe them, depart of them.

    You are alive.
    nothing more.
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    Saina171204-05-2013 16:53
    @Olivia_Ka - Wow! Your poem defines your crush.

    Ok. I wrote this many days ago.

    A color creeps onto my skin, slowly, slowly
    And sinks into the pores of my skin quietly
    Like a thief on his stealthy feet. Oh!
    Shameless, still hiding in shadows.

    And that's the color clouding my every thinking
    Maybe that's the color which he finds very endearing

    Hate that color, I hate that color
    But I can't put a leash on my fantasy
    'cause that's the color, provoking my temper
    And it's also the color of jealousy

    And I see that color, she was born with
    Ringed by black, surrounded by white
    Lined with long lashes, looking at my world
    Set upon wrecking it.
    Saina171204-05-2013 17:24
    Another one,

    A broken trust and a lost faith,
    Adorning my entity, I stand straight.
    I feel, a hurricane is approaching.
    I think, the illusion's finally a reality.
    When the southern hemisphere collides with the northern atmosphere.
    The change is indicated by unnatural affairs.
    And like always, the whole world stands against our fun-fair .
    They don't want to understand and I won't make them.
    With tarnished and corroded reputations
    I stand abashed, against your allegations.
    I feel, I keep falling into an abyss of lost feelings.
    I think, the illusion you see, is finally a reality.
    When the sun hidden beneath the horizon, tried to fill colors in the dark sky,
    The whole world armed with their unholy poison, is greedily waiting in a line
    To destroy the scene by their hatred and strategies.
    They don't want to understand and I won't make them.
    I never thought that I'll see a day
    When your soothing voice won't calm my rage.
    I never thought that we can be separated,
    That my biography can end without your page.
    I feel, my world is drowning into your tears
    I think, our relation was never real,
    Always haunted by your stupid, childish fears.
    When I was ready to fight against the fate, for you
    You're blinded by their illusions and you kept refusing to see through.
    Now that I've tried everything, I don't know what else to do?
    You won't understand and I can't make you.
    Olivia_Ka13-05-2013 20:42
    My first poem I wrote in English, on October 27, 2003, so I was 18 years old. It is about a boy and a girl at the seaside. In 1999, I had a small crush on a boy named Samuel.

    The seventh of April, 1999

    It was, I think so, a Wednesday
    And I was with you on a bay.
    You're black-haired and blue-eyed, I'm sure
    And some people think I want more.

    I would have left and gone away
    But you would stay with me that day.
    The sun was bright and all was still
    And your kisses gave me a thrill.

    Oh! Could I take your love with me?
    You never told me, we went down
    And swam until it was midday.

    I left you there that afternoon.
    Remember that but you can't see
    If it is like that every day.
    Joeyy28-05-2013 18:33
    Poems by the user kayanee:


    I roam in the valley of darkness
    I try to find the light
    Evil surrounds me, consumes me
    As I trudge through the infinite night

    I draw near my goal
    The loveliness of the light!
    I walk closer, closer
    And squint. It's far too bright!

    I stop and shield my eyes
    And decide to return to what I know
    I turn and stare at the loveliness of the dark
    And return to its embrace. For the darkness is my home.



    Why must everyone else be the protector?
    Just once, I don't want to be a burden
    I try to protect my friends
    But they won't let me
    Why do I have to be the one that's weak and helpless?
    I don't want to be
    Let me be the hero
    The savior
    Let me be more than wasted space
    Back down
    I'm taking over
    I'm not going to stand aside to be protected
    I'm going to protect them
    I'm going to save them
    Man or woman, I will be their protector
    I will be strong
    I will not stand down
    If I am in pain, from now on
    No one will know
    The only emotions I will show are love
    And hate
    I'm the protector now
    And I will stand my ground



    Fuck this
    I'm done
    I'm sick of the world and its lies
    I'm sick of the cheaters
    The thieves
    The deceivers
    I want nothing to do with it any more
    Too much anger
    Too much sadness
    Too much of everything
    No balance
    No light
    Nothing matters
    No one cares
    They think they do
    But they lie to themselves
    No consciousness
    No life
    Just nothing



    What is it?
    What am I feeling?
    I think it's an emotion
    But what could it be?

    I'm confused
    It feels like something's welling up inside me
    I don't know what it is
    I'm confused

    It's not sadness
    Or anger
    Is it happiness?
    What've I to be happy about?

    This is new to me
    Is it excitement?
    Is it love?
    Is it worry?

    God! What is this thing?
    What's this growing inside me?
    Help me!

    What is it?

    Is it madness?
    Am I in danger?
    I've nowhere to turn

    This thing is foreign
    What is it?
    Help me

    I'm confused
    I'm fading away

    The me that was
    What am I becoming
    As I drift away?

    Further into the blackness
    The nothingness
    That is my soul



    The world is full of betrayal
    There's nobody left to trust
    I let people get too close
    Their friendship sparkles but then rusts

    Out of all the ones
    Who've claimed to be friends
    Now I know there's only two
    Who will be there until the end

    I don't want to be alone
    Why must they all leave me?
    I'm sick of the betrayal
    Why do they all deceive me?

    No more!
    I'm done!
    I will give no more trust
    To anyone

    They must earn it
    I'm starting new
    I'll only keep
    The faithful two

    The ones who've been there
    Even from afar
    I'll always keep
    They've caused no harm

    They're gone!
    The ones who've only caused pain
    They shall be banished from my life
    But I wish the memories could be slain.
    Olivia_Ka30-05-2013 12:53
    A poem written on October 31, 2003.

    Saturday afternoon

    Saturday, it is tomorrow
    I'll be outside and buy postcards.
    I'll listen to music, I'll glow
    I'll glow for you, there, in the car.

    You won't be with me. So where, you?
    Where will you be this afternoon?
    The sky, at night, you'll love it too
    But I don't think there'll be the moon.

    I'll be driven back again. Why?
    Will will not you come tomorrow
    Buy postcards, listen to their lies?

    I'll be listening to the radio.
    You will find me, I am somewhere
    And a little further than there.
    Olivia_Ka12-10-2014 21:14
    A poem written on October 29, 2003. Just mixed everything in it : my ex-boyfriend, his clothes and our first night.

    Matie (The night and the sea)

    Born April 8th, in Paris 6
    Maybe in '71, this man
    Is Matie Love, I've got kisses
    And I spent 2 years/one and half.

    Martinien, let's call him Matie
    Is 32, photographer.
    Monotony inside his dreams.
    It's black and white... Could be better.

    Oh no, in the night, in the sea...
    I copied everything from him!
    Only his clothes, maybe he'd see
    That I copied him, doesn't seem.

    Matie, I copied everything.
    Nothing is real, you get so stoned
    Because Mattie is so stunning
    And he's still leaving me alone.
    CarlJ23-10-2014 19:20
    Just a ramble from me. written....today, 10/23/2014

    You were there...
    then you were no more
    My love for you was endless
    what was it for?

    many times we laughed...
    many times we cried
    now that you are gone
    a part of me has died

    what is love
    but a thing that makes us live
    what is love
    this thing that i give

    all good things
    they say must end
    but who would have known
    of the love i could send

    i loved you then
    i'll love you forever
    these things i say
    used to seem so clever

    i was told i needed to write
    so away to my keyboard
    i went
    to make things bright

    alas the darkness has come
    it grows darker now
    i made one last wish
    i take one last bow

    farewell my love
    you were the ONE
    you and i both knew
    it would have been such fun.

    farewell my love
    with my love you caught
    you were the heart
    of my temple of thought
    Captain_Keeta23-10-2014 21:20
    I bit a rock,
    Lost 1 tooth,
    3 other teeth,
    Are quite loose,
    My brother wants,
    To use some glue,
    To put tooth back,
    So I can chew,
    He said to me,
    You're not a shark,
    You can't grow teeth,
    Like trees grow bark,
    You need your teeth,
    Like any mammal,
    Teeth are covered,
    With enamel,
    The hardest part,
    They let you bite,
    Protect your teeth,
    To feel alright...
    CarlJ05-02-2015 19:17
    I met you
    My life had been empty for awhile
    Your face appeared
    and made me smile

    this is all so new
    though i've been through this before
    I didn't know my life could begin again
    Until you walked thru my door.

    You light up the room
    whenever you walk in
    I am falling for you
    where do I begin?

    the two of us
    are a uniquely matched pair...
    I feel so comfortable with you
    without nary a care.

    What will the future bring for us
    let's go have some fun
    We both must explore
    we can be one...

    MastersaArmsFan08-02-2015 03:37
    I used to think it mattered.

    The things that I go through.

    I thought I had it handled.

    Until it came to you.

    Your life is so precious.

    My failures are so huge.

    I thought I had it handled.

    Until it came to you.

    Your future will be shattered.

    More fractured than my past.

    Errors in my judgement.

    Are now come to pass.

    How can you be punished,

    For these things you didn't do?

    I thought I had it handled.

    Until it came to you.

    Magnified and so enlarged.

    Compared to what I've done.

    If anyone is punished.

    God, let me be the one.

    They are what I live for.

    Though live I don't do much.

    I wanted to protect them.

    Keep them safe from harm.

    My example did the opposite.

    More like a giant bomb.

    And now I see the empty spots.

    Hollowed from their souls.

    I am to blame for this.

    This is what I do.

    I thought I had it handled.

    Until it came to you.
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