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Fiesta Beads

0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 21:17 DeadTeddyBear  
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What are fiesta beads?

we watched monk today, and the female lead walked around with them on, (they were in mexico) after getting highly drunk the night before. At the end of the show, the police detective said that he hoped she would come back to mexico, because of the colourful beads she was wearing.

She went "Really, I love mexico I love your country. i've been getting lots of compliments all day about the beads, what are they for?"

Him, "You don't know?" she said "No" and then he whispered it to her, and she got a bit angry and took themoff and gave them too him, going off in a huff.

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0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:00 DeadTeddyBear 
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*bump* sorry i really need to know
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:06 LadyMacbeth001 
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Are you talking about Mardi Gras beads?
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:07 LalalaLola 
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Yeah thats all I could think of but I think women collecting Mari Gras beads know how and why they got them heh.
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:08 LadyMacbeth001 
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Hahah yeah true .
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:12 DeadTeddyBear 
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does it mean flashing or blow jobs?
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:14 LadyMacbeth001 
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Lol flashing.
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:16 DeadTeddyBear 
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thank you thats all i wanted to know
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:18 LadyMacbeth001 
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Lol don't mention it.
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:24 JewUnit 
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Good thing about Mardi Gras..

Go to the dollar store.. buy a bunch of cheap beads..

Go out in public.. AND SEE BOOBIES!!
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:25 Schigidy_Schwat 
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thinking about it..... the new orleanian children must be very lucky.
0 likes - like | 06-03-2006 22:28 LadyMacbeth001 
643 posts
Haha good thing about Mardi Gras for women...

Get piss drunk, black out for a couple of hours...

Wake up in a different state with a bunch of pretty beads!

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