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    5 themes running throughout english literature


     ifeyinwa says:
    Like 019-12-2005 21:41
    Does anybody know about the guy who "cracked the secret formula" to writing books, so to speak? He apparently figured out how all english books ever written have one or more of the 5 themes in their stories. I cannot remember the specifics as i read it ages ago (he wrote a book about it), i wanted to re-read the article. I remember him being quite arrogant about it, if anybody knows anything about it or who the guy was could you tell me? thanks.

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     anarchy666 says:
    Like 028-12-2005 12:00
    hey that would be nice... have 5 running themes!!!

    if you find anything, please post a link.

     spaceflower says:
    Like 006-02-2006 17:47
    Well, I've read about these 5 different themes:

    1) overcoming the monster (LOTR, HP)
    2) rags to riches (Cinderella theme)
    3) the quest (after the holy Graal or a treasure)
    4) voyage and return (LOTR)
    5) boy meets girl

    Can you tell me any book which does not contain at least one of these themes? Most have more than one.

     alexalexalex says:
    Like 006-02-2006 18:00
    You forgot the classic Dickens theme of "I am a poor boy, I am hungry, I am cold, I want to be rich"
     guest says:
    pop out

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