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    18th birthday songs!


     the_earth says:
    029-10-2005 09:40
    can somebody again please help me? my cousin is having her 18th bday this coming nov. 18. and she asked me if i could come up with 18 songs that would fit for her bday.

    you see, it's important for her and for almost all other girls having their 18th bday here in my country, which is philippines, because it's kind of symbolic.. like the transition from being a girl to a woman.. like that..

    i thought of a couple of songs, but i'm not sure if that fits.. here are some that are perfect for her 18th bday.. or not?

    1. everybody's changing - keane

    2. first cut is the deepest - sheryl crowe ( mm. you know, the first heartbreak? lol)

    3. i-really-don't-have-any-idea-and-i-think-my-brain- cells-aren't-working-and-i'm-having-this-mental- block-or-whatever-therefore-i-can't-think-of-any- so-please-help-me song

    please i really need some help.. and also please state your reason on why you thnk it's suited for an 18th bday.. i thank you in advance..

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     5ophz says:
    029-10-2005 09:57
    Alice Cooper --- Im Eighteen

    This song is basically about the confusion you feel when you turn eighteen, not knowing what you want or where you want to go. But as the song progeresses, the character feels more confident and finally decides he likes being Eighteen.

    Lines form on my face and hands
    Lines form from the ups and downs
    I'm in the middle without any plans
    I'm a boy and I'm a man

    I'm eighteen
    and I don't know what I want
    I just don't know what I want
    I gotta get away
    I gotta get out of this place
    I'll go runnin in outer space
    Oh yeah

    I got a
    baby's brain and an old man's heart
    Took eighteen years to get this far
    Don't always know what I'm talkin' about
    Feels like I'm livin in the middle of doubt
    Cause I'm

    I get confused every day
    I just don't know what to say
    I gotta get away

    Lines form on my face and my hands
    Lines form on the left and right
    I'm in the middle
    the middle of life
    I'm a boy and I'm a man
    I'm eighteen and I LIKE IT
    Yes I like it
    Oh I like it
    Love it
    Like it
    Love it
    Eighteen and I LIKE IT


     paynie says:
    029-10-2005 22:56
    I dont think any of them!

    Why not songs from your childhood era!

    Lets see your 18 so about 1995-99

    Hope that helped!

     the_earth says:
    031-10-2005 04:25
    i really appreciate that, thanks a lot!!


    thank you also for that!


    to others, please, more suggestions,..

    031-10-2005 04:26
    creed- im 18

     the_earth says:
    031-10-2005 04:55
    thanks! i'll check on that,..

     the_earth says:
    031-10-2005 05:01
    oh, it's the same song as alice's.. mm.. but got a little prob though, my cousin is a GIRL..

    but thanks to those who bothered to check this forum out..

    please, more suggestions..
    sorry if i sound too demanding..
     guest says:
    pop out

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