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    Songs about being beautiful.


     fattdonuts says:
    Like 016-09-2005 22:26
    Ok. first off. if there was a thread about this already. i didn't see it. hey i only looked through 5 pages.. bare with me..
    So, I'm in search of songs about being beautiful. Songs of that sort. My girlfriend has some major self loathing issues. Even though i tell her everyday how amazing and beautiful she is, she still doesn't see herself as being beautiful. I want to put songs together for her to listen to, since she wont listen to me.
    Here's a few on my list. please help me add more.....

    1. Aerosmith - DropDead Gorgeous
    2. Alan Jackson - She Don't Know She's Beautiful
    3. Amy Daily - I Think You're Beautiful
    4. Dashboard Confessional - So Beautiful
    5. HIM - Beautiful
    6. INXS - Beautiful Girl
    7. New Found Glory - Congragulations You're Beautiful
    8. Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

    I think i hit most of the songs with "beautiful" in the title.. but yes i'm looking for more songs out there about being beautiful, songs that have good lyrics.. i know they're out there. please help me out! thanks.

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     xMajinx says:
    Like 016-09-2005 22:28
    that Christina Agulara song that "I am beautiful no matter what they say" I forgot what it's called

    Like 016-09-2005 22:52
    the song by christina auglera is called beautiful. plus - think about some christian songs. you might not like the idea - but they all have good messages, not all of them are hymes - some have really good beats, i know i dance, and they all encourage you to think of who you are and how you are seen in God's eyes - which is really all that matters. let your girlfriend know that it's not about what you look like - it's who you are. she shouldn't judge herself bassed on others opinions but bassed on those who are close to her and love her for who she is.

     Amythest says:
    Like 017-09-2005 12:25
    try India Arie-Video

     purple_hippo says:
    Like 017-09-2005 12:42
    Beautiful - James Blunt

     funkyseaweed says:
    Like 017-09-2005 15:51
    Fun Lovin' Criminals - Beautiful
    Beautiful South - Perfect 10
    Babybird - You're Gorgeous

     MisterKing says:
    Like 017-09-2005 15:53
    We all know the perfect song about being beautiful.

    West Side Story - I Feel Pretty


    Like 017-09-2005 21:40
    You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

    It pretty much repeats the same words but its such a beautiful song that it can make anyone feel better.
     guest says:
    pop out

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