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0 likes - like | 06-09-2005 21:30 the Apocalypse  
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Ok, so since there are a lot of threads asking about songs in commercials I thought I might aswell make a thread about it, so that you have the possibility to look at this before you make a thread about it, not that you will of course... But the idea is that this will cut back on threads asking for songs in commercials.

Anyways, where I'm from (Micronesia) the government was so smart to make a site about songs in commercials so that people who went crazy to find out what song it was could look it up so that they wouldn't go mental anymore and thus lower the costs that psychos bring with them and have more money left to make microwaves.

After this, many countries folowed us and here's the result:

Commercials from the Netherlands

Commercials from the UK

Commercials from the US 1

Commercials from the US 2


commercials from Hungary

what's that tune?

* offtopic :
This is all I could find so far, if you know a site like this for the country you live in or just a good site about this topic, you can post the link and I'll make sure it gets added to the list

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0 likes - like | 10-09-2006 03:18 Lara_Croft_03 
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Does anybody know the song that plays during the new Journey Diamond Jewelry commercial?? It's very mellow, with a woman singing with a BEAUTIFUL voice! The lyrics are something like

"What are you doing the rest of your life?"
"I have only one request of your life,
That you spend it all with me"

Here is the link to watch the commercial:

Please help!!! Thanks guys!
My email is
or just post it on here
0 likes - like | 10-09-2006 03:20 Lara_Croft_03 
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Oh i forgot, if you go that page, click on the "watch dandelions" button on the bottom of the page, and that plays the commercial
0 likes - like | 10-09-2006 07:28 BladeofImmortal 
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Im trying to find the song from a Rescue Me commercial...yeah, that's all i know...

It's the song they played in the background on the commercial for Rescue Me's latest Season Finale...before it aired, they played the commercial all the time, anyone know what im talking about?
0 likes - like | 13-09-2006 01:07 Lara_Croft_03 
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Ok, I found my song I was looking for, it's "What are you doing the rest of your life" (go figure) haha. I found a version by Barbara Streisand, but that's not the one on the commercial, and I prefer the woman's voice on the commercial. I'll have to try to find out who she is.
0 likes - like | 22-10-2006 18:55 StephLP11 
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that song is "What are you doing for the rest of your life" by Dusty Springfield
0 likes - like | 26-10-2006 08:09 Samandai 
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I remember I posted a message on this forum, at the section, in this category before. But it somehow went disappear or got deleted -.-

Anyway, I've been searching for the title and composer of this melody that I heard more than 10 years ago in a Kodak commercial, about "keeping memories alive.... The melody is still fresh in my mind after all these years. It's in a Japanese commercial and it goes, "My love for you...has become a memories..." I know it might sounds stupid but that song means a lot to me. Anyone know this song? I've been searching it that it continues to haunt me to this day, and I hope there's someone out there who might be able to solve this mystery.
0 likes - like | 21-11-2006 05:00 AriMecc 
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Ok, so I cant remember what product or company its an ad for, I can only hear the first line and the melody in my head.

Basically, the song is a sort of Black Eyed Peas kinda sound to it, but softer...if that makes sense. And the first line goes

"If you want to have a happy holiday..."

and it goes on with more from there...I cant find it either cause I looked both on here and on Google with that line.
0 likes - like | 24-11-2006 21:34 FranticFeathers 
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Does anybody know the song in the new commercial for Virgin Mobile phones? It's sort of pop and techno sounding with a girl singing and it starts off like, "freak show" or something and says, "we can drive around with the top down"...anyone know?
0 likes - like | 25-11-2006 21:25 lextim 
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Does anyone know the song from the new Calvin Klein commercial?

Here's the commercial:

I looove the music but I can't figure out who it's by.
0 likes - like | 04-12-2006 02:57 sailboats 
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virgin mobile commercial, teddybears stockholm - yours to keep
0 likes - like | 09-12-2006 20:49 EmilyEis 
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Can anyone please tell me, who sings the song on that Jewelry commercial..where the couple are sleeping, and the guy gets up, and puts a necklace around the sleeping woman's neck.
The song goes something like..
"how can i tell you that i love you, i love you, and im always thinking of you, but i cant find the right words to say"

I'm pretty sure it's a Zales, or Helzburg Commercial.
0 likes - like | 22-12-2006 01:40 Mark05 
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Does anyone know the song from the BigPond ad where everything is going really fast. And it has like kids at the check-out of the supermarket scanning the items real fast. What is that song??
0 likes - like | 08-01-2007 05:14 alexabellobella 
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chivas reagal commercial
0 likes - like | 16-01-2007 16:57 BladeofImmortal 
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I am looking for the lyrics to the new intel commercial(believe it to be Intel) Where this woman is sitting in an office, and the papers start flying all around the city.
0 likes - like | 17-01-2007 22:19 phoenixmoonstar 
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Cat Stevens › How Can I Tell You

Not sure who actually sings it in that commerical, but it is a starting place
0 likes - like | 17-01-2007 22:23 phoenixmoonstar 
2 posts

I think that's a Credit Card commercial... business card, maybe VISA. She is sitting at a deck, tears off a strip on the card to activate it, and all the papers start flying around the city, and then back into the forest where they wiggle back into the trees. Then they say something about helping you reduce the amount of paper in your business, which is good for the environment.

I know that doesn't help much, but if that's the commercial, I'll see if I can listen for what song the next time it's played here.

0 likes - like | 23-01-2007 13:33 roni8n 
27 posts
Hey there... =)
I'm looking for a song I've heard in a commercial, but I can't not find any relevant forum... I'm not from the UK, US ot Netherlands.... Where should I ask about the commercial?
0 likes - like | 23-01-2007 13:45 roni8n 
27 posts
Umm.. After looking at other replies that people wrote here, I saw that some of them wrote about the song they're looking right here... I guess that's what I'll do:
I heard the song I'm looking for on an Israeli Sprite commercial. I don't really remember the words, except something like "just play, just play it on...". I'm not even sure if it is a real song, maybe it was made for the commercial (that could make sense, the 'song' was pretty short).
Do any of you think you have ever heard this song...?

Thank you!
0 likes - like | 23-01-2007 20:05 BladeofImmortal 
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Well, I finally found the commercial, and sadly the song isn't a real song...yet.|/|View%20Our%20New%20Advertising

here is where you can find the song and hear it, its so sweet.

And here is a quote from the artist's myspace...

"He says:

9/06 :: i just wrote a new piece of music for visa business. the spot is called 'paper forest' and has some cool effects. it's all about conservation and has all these papers flying back to the forest (where all the trees are made of paper). might be turning this into a full length song too. be on the lookout... it's already airing!!"
0 likes - like | 09-02-2007 10:44 BCNGirl 
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Could you help find the name of the song that you can heard backgrounds in this commercial?

You can hear the song here:
0 likes - like | 13-02-2007 18:50 mzmadel 
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What's the name of the song on that car (don't know which one) commercial that goes like:

"Just realized the future of our love, the future of our love."

When the commercial starts it doesn't have anything sung to it; it's trance at the beginning. If you guys could help, it would be GREAAAATT! The setting is in an empty city.
0 likes - like | 16-02-2007 05:45 Zacksmom 
54 posts's a hard one. my tv's on the A&E channel tonite and i hear this cool song going "I'm losing control....I'm falling by the wayside", but by the time i get in there, i only catch the very end....maybe a commercial for the sopranos??
0 likes - like | 16-02-2007 05:50 PunkRckr8 
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^^ "Falling by the Wayside" by People In Planes

and it is from the Sopranos as well
0 likes - like | 16-02-2007 05:54 Zacksmom 
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oh wow...that's it! tyvm
0 likes - like | 18-02-2007 02:33 joojiepoo 
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this add might not play in america (I live in australia) but it's a pepsi add... and the screen gets divided into four boxes and each one follows the story of the one before... hard to explain, but if you've seen the add you'll know what i mean.

anyway... the song is by some guy, maybe a guy band, i'm not sure... but the words are something like "hey now now we're going downtown"

anyone know what the song is???

thanks so much!!

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