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I Believe I can Fly

0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 11:50 lonewolfatheist  
3,901 posts
I've had this in my head for years:

I believe I am high
I believe I'm gonna die
I think about it every night and day
Smoke some cracj and pass away

I believe I can smoke
See me chokin right up my throat
I believe I am high

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0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 11:54 JustxMe 
7,949 posts
this is much better than my ' I believe i'm in love ' version! It would be really funny if you do the whole song.
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 11:56 lonewolfatheist 
3,901 posts
* offtopic :
oops, that should be "crack"
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 15:43 MisterKing 
9,665 posts
once a friend told me that there was a parody to that song that said something like:

I believe I can fly
I got shot by the FBI
All I wanted was some chicken wings
And some fries from Burger Kind

that's all I remember... yours is funny!
0 likes - like | 26-02-2005 20:14 BabyLala 
79 posts
haha that's funny

0 likes - like | 28-02-2005 20:34 05_eric_05 
66 posts
a friend taught me this version:

I believe i can die
I got shot by the FBI
and all i wanted was a chicken wing
from Mcdonalds or Burgerking
I had to go to the hospital
but all they gave me was a popsicle
I believe I can die

...or something like that
0 likes - like | 28-02-2005 20:44 ickle_jitta 
316 posts
I thought you ment the R Kelly song for a minute there lol!!
0 likes - like | 28-02-2005 20:48 Bex4Benj 
1,197 posts
Lol yeh I heard an FBI version too.. It went somin like:

I believe I can fly
I've been shot down by the FBI
All I wanted was a chicken wing
2.99 from Burger King

Yeah, that's all.
0 likes - like | 01-03-2005 02:35 kazimoto 
87 posts
hey lonewolf u should make the
"I believe im gonna die"
"I belive ima die"
'It would sound better when saying it
0 likes - like | 01-03-2005 02:42 proud2fly 
1,641 posts
I heard:

I belive I can fly
Till I got shot by the FBI
all I wanted was a chicken wing
then they shot me in the dingaling

I was in an ambulence
took me to the hospitall
they were doin sergury
on my popsicle
0 likes - like | 17-05-2005 17:30 kerplunk010 
21 posts
a lot of good rhymes dere people
0 likes - like | 17-05-2005 18:12 jamesey 
11,431 posts
0 likes - like | 17-05-2005 18:15 DannyB 
14,137 posts
I believe I can pea
All I need is a toliet roll
I just leaked a bit
Getting it caught in the zip again
Dammit I'll never do it again
0 likes - like | 04-06-2005 20:25 KandyCane 
1 posts
I Believe i can fly
Got shot by the FBI
All I wanted was some Chicken Rings
Got shot in my ding-a-ling

I believe i can soar
Got me running through that open door

I cant remember anymore
0 likes - like | 09-06-2005 19:08 4everaDude 
1 posts
Here is a version of "I believe I can Fly."

I believe she's a guy
I saw something inbetween her thighs
She's coming over to talk to me
Oh no, gotta go
Cause i believe she's a guy

Something like that lol
0 likes - like | 10-06-2005 02:50 Chrisrocks53 
13,570 posts
well mine goes

I believe i can fly
I got shot by the FBI
All i wanted was a packet of chips
Instead they blew my brain to bits

I belive i can soar
But they shot me because i was poor
0 likes - like | 10-06-2005 03:04 pudderpuddy 
95 posts
all of these are funny
0 likes - like | 11-06-2005 06:23 jdgurl14322 
12 posts
I heard
I believe I am high
I believe I can touch the sky
smoke a blunt
every night and day
spread my wing and fuck away
I believe I am stone
see me run right into the dooooooor
I believe I am high
I believe I am high
0 likes - like | 13-08-2005 09:53 BlackRia 
2,816 posts
There's 1 thread that has loads of these.
It's in the Misheard lyrics sections and it's "I believe I can fly"- by eh, someone
0 likes - like | 14-08-2005 15:19 Meninaelen 
10 posts
Really good guys. I'm not english-speaking but I find your versions really funny (of wat i've understood). Do it again it's really perfect
0 likes - like | 15-08-2005 15:50 xoparisxo617 
3,035 posts
That was the best "I Believe I Can Fly" parody I've ever read....
0 likes - like | 04-10-2005 15:30 paynie 
5,677 posts
yeah these are all great!

lovin thm all
0 likes - like | 06-10-2005 01:11 IASD 
1 posts
I learned it like this:
I believe I can die
I got shot by the FBI
All I wanted was a chicken wing
From the nearest burger king
I got run over by the Ice cream man
Everyone knows he's a crazy man
All I wanted was a popsicle
But I ended up in the hospital
When I got home I got Barney
But I needed more
So shot him with my fourty-four
0 likes - like | 13-10-2005 20:15 djdebster 
1 posts
MY version is this

i believe i can die
as i just got shot by the fbi
all i wanted was a chicken leg
but they even made me beg
i believe ill never be able 2 walk again
as my legs have been sht by the fbi
i think about it all night and day as the pain wont go away
someday ill shot the fbi and than ill get away
i believe i can die right across that damn open sky
but i keep asking myself why
i didnt get me chicken leg.
0 likes - like | 13-10-2005 20:33 BecciDonnelly 
2,818 posts
I believe I can fly,
I got shot by the FBI,
All I wanted was a bag of chips,
And then they shot me in the private bits,
I believed I could soar,
But now really not very sure,
I believe I can fly,
You can hear it from my laboured sigh,
That the end of the world is nigh...

0 likes - like | 11-01-2006 18:57 spatula 
17 posts

I believe In a pie,
but they ar up and near the sky,
All I wanted was to go to the surface,
but then i thought i would give it a miss,
I believed In a apple core,
and then one fell into the water,
I believe In a pie, again!
then one fell in and began tosmell like a pig sty,

or or or

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