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Recommend A Song (1,2..17,18)443  x_StRaWbErReEz_  roxcyn2 days, 0 hours ago
How to Find a Song Name From a Few Lyrics (1,2..8,9)208  danastasia  HDsprocket09-02-2015 02:43
Songs In Commercials (1,2..5,6)142  the_Apocalypse  bluemeadowmusic26-11-2014 02:39
Need assistance with transcribing songs again (1,2,3)65  MCSMeister  MCSMeister1 day, 5 hours ago
This is driving me nuts! 1  Jennkay2008  fosterkm5 days ago
What band does this song?!? 15  PittsfieldPete  PittsfieldPete5 days ago
Need to complete the lyrics of a song 4  anhxiii  roxcyn6 days ago
Song from Nadia Tv Movie 1984 1  bigotes  redrocker6511 days ago
song title/artist 2  Momoz  redrocker6511 days ago
Custom order to start 1  cleverrock  kalsonberry11 days ago
A hit in the 70's pop charts, covered in the 90's [Solved] 3  wombat  PracticePractic14 days ago
Late 80s/early 90s song with bells/chimes at start 18  LilsDad  MCSMeister20 days ago
Lyrics: Just an imitation of joy, I need real love 6  HeebieGeebie  HeebieGeebie23 days ago
Looking for a song using lyrics 1  Asheygirl3  PracticePractic26 days ago
What is this song? [Solved] 21  heyachristine  kalsonberry26 days ago
Tokyo, Bernie Marsden 3  Tore  Joeyy25-02-2015 16:58
Song Recorded, but I don't know what song is [Solved] 4  Meid  Captain_Keeta24-02-2015 19:57
Trying to figure out this amazing song! 0  Pulsarracerman  Pulsarracerman18-02-2015 04:17
looking for artist's song 7  mybelleamie  mybelleamie17-02-2015 19:54
Elektrosex or Electrosex 13  unsane  PracticePractic17-02-2015 19:14
Recurring unknown dark music 0  SongNamePlease  SongNamePlease16-02-2015 03:06
And I said baby... 14  Pook66  BrokenHalo11-02-2015 12:49
how do you rate a song 2  MontanaJesusgir  Olivia_Ka06-02-2015 19:06
Fire on the Mountain 12  Maggie_Mae290  Olivia_Ka06-02-2015 16:29
Contemporary Alt Rock Song 7  voodoo_nova  voodoo_nova30-01-2015 05:47

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