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    LetsSingIt Forum

    This is the LetsSingIt forum with 74,467 topics and 3,553,917 posts. You can start a topic or reply to an existing one.
    Song Related (5 categories)
    Looking for lyrics, but can't find them anywhere? Or got a tune in your head you've heard on the radio, in a movie or in a commercial and don't know what song it is? Ask others here.
    2,977 topics, 10,631 comments
    People often mishear lyrics and sing along to their own versions. Talk about misheard lyrics here. Which lyrics have you misheard? What is your version? Is it even better than the original?
    1,086 topics, 9,148 comments
    Looking for a song for a special moment? A song for a wedding? A song for that special someone? Ask here for ideal songs.
    7,390 topics, 67,056 comments
    Looking for guitar, piano or other instrumental tabs for a song? Ask others here.
    962 topics, 5,143 comments
    Heard a parody to a song or made one yourself? Post them here or see the parodies posted by other users.
    852 topics, 7,567 comments
    Artist Related (5 categories)
    Talk about artists. Who's hot, who's not.
    7,601 topics, 136,210 comments
    Talk about music videos.
    990 topics, 11,855 comments
    Do you want to know where your favorite artist is performing? Have you been to any concerts lately? Talk about it in here.
    950 topics, 17,138 comments
    Here you can ask questions and talk about moderating artists. It also explains how you can become an artist moderator and how the moderating system works.
    647 topics, 14,700 comments
    This category is only visible to artist super moderators and can be used for discussions about artist moderating issues.
    16 topics, 224 comments
    Forum related (4 categories)
    Are you new to the forum? You can introduce yourself here! Meet and greet other members and make friends.
    4,946 topics, 89,492 comments
    This is the category to put your announcements in. Are you going on vacation and will not be around here for a while? You can tell others in here.
    1,087 topics, 37,203 comments
    This category is only visible to forum moderators and can be used for discussions about forum moderating issues.
    133 topics, 3,464 comments
    Are you bored? Then participate in one of the many forum games. Boredom stops here ;)
    2,318 topics, 861,184 comments
    LetsSingIt.com Related (5 categories)
    This category is for site news from the webmaster. Stay up to date with the latest developments!
    108 topics, 6,841 comments
    Do you need help that is LetsSingIt website-related and you didn't find the answer in our help section? Let us know here! This is also the place to report if something on the site is broken.
    1,638 topics, 28,455 comments
    Do you have a killer idea that will make a better LetsSingIt? Let us know here!
    35 topics, 796 comments
    Here you can arrange meetings in the LetsSingIt chatroom. Are you looking for a person you've met in the chatroom? Want to swap MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/AIM details? Come here :)
    793 topics, 43,905 comments
    Want to start a poll to ask others' opinion on an artist, a song or something else?
    6,024 topics, 264,264 comments
    Arts (3 categories)
    What movies have you seen recently? What movies do you recommend to others? What is the worst movie ever made? Who's your favorite actor/actress? Here you can post TV/Movie related messages.
    2,427 topics, 47,721 comments
    In this corner you can talk about poems. This is also the right place to publish your own writings (poems, lyrics, etc.). Share your material with others and ask them what they think about it.
    3,164 topics, 35,356 comments
    What book are you reading? What is the best book you've ever read? The worst, the weirdest, the funniest? Or do you not like reading at all? And why is that? All book-related talks can be done in here.
    437 topics, 8,208 comments
    Society (5 categories)
    This is a corner for discussions about politics or religion.
    1,126 topics, 54,834 comments
    LetsSingIt has members from all over the world. Many nationalities mean many different cultures and languages. Broaden your horizons and talk about them here.
    668 topics, 25,293 comments
    Here you can talk about relationships, friendships, family, etc.
    2,218 topics, 58,836 comments
    Clothes, lifestyle, etc. - talk about it in here.
    332 topics, 16,524 comments
    This is the corner for holiday-rated talk. Want to wish everybody a merry Christmas or happy Easter? Or do you want to say that it is your birthday today? Did you reach a milestone with your number of forum posts? You can celebrate them all in here.
    1,094 topics, 35,537 comments
    General (6 categories)
    Breaking news in the music world; new songs/albums; love affairs, etc.
    1,410 topics, 29,474 comments
    This is a technical corner for computer related talk - internet, software, building websites, programming, etc.
    1,164 topics, 18,458 comments
    Do you play or watch sports? Which sporting teams do you support? Share it with others here.
    450 topics, 16,881 comments
    Want to laugh? Take a visit to this category. This is the place for jokes, funny stories and everything that makes you smile.
    682 topics, 20,924 comments
    Did you have a bad day at work or school? Let it out in here.
    1,064 topics, 30,905 comments
    The place for topics that that don't belong in other categories.
    17,678 topics, 1,539,690 comments